Planet Overview

Body – Small and Dense Rocky Planet
Gravity – Normal
Atmosphere – Moderate, Pure Atmosphere
Climate & Habitability – Temperate, Verdant Ecosystem

Orbital Features



Aremetrian Grasslands

Terrain – Plains
Features – Fertile
Landmark(s) – None
Major Settlement(s)Aremet, Corphede, Bulwark Imperial Garrison

Banabaras Forest

Terrain – Temperate Rainforest
Features – Unique Compound
Landmark(s) – Banabaras Canyon
Major Settlement(s)Tynn City

The Sicorosi Range

Terrain – Mountains
Features – Shabraxi Ruins
Landmark(s) – Mount Vanos, Mount Ydal
Major Settlement(s)Sicoros City


Terrain – Desert Wasteland
Features – Desolate
Landmark(s) -The Deep Roads (Cave Network)
Major Settlement(s) – Hekuli Silver Mines

The Tox Glades

Terrain – Swamp
Features – Virulent
Landmark(s) – None
Major Settlement(s) – Syndicate Field Outpost 5



Scarcity – Major Source
Location(s) – Aremetrian Grasslands, Banabaras Forest
Controlled By – Imperial Agriculture Corps, YanCorp

Senan Silvermines

Scarcity – Sustainable Source
Location(s) – Dryholme, The Deep Roads
Controlled By – Hekuli Prospects, Inc.

Uranium Deposit

Scarcity – Major Source
Location(s) – Sicorosi Range, Dryholme, the Tox Glades
Controlled By – The Tarnok Syndicate, Mut-Mosel Foundation

Notable Species


Characteristics – Chameleonic, Shadowed Stalkers
Habitat – Banabaras Forest


Characteristics – Titanborn, Behemoth
Habitat – Dryholme

Blue-Crested Zarx

Characteristics – Ptera-beast, Swift Flyer
Habitat – Aremetrian Grasslands, Sicorosi Range, Banabaras Forest