Planet Overview

Body – Large Rocky Planet
Gravity – Normal
Atmosphere – Thin, Tainted Atmosphere
Climate & Habitability – Cold World, Limited Ecosystem

Orbital Features

Fist of Ghim – Large Asteroid
Broken Ceras – Lesser Moon


Darnuun Steppes

Terrain – Plains
Features – Notable Species (Gurnox)
Landmark(s) – Mount Kholis
Major Settlement(s) – Camp Kholis, Assorted Imperial Mining Operations

Frostbite Expanse

Terrain – Wasteland
Features – Extreme Cold
Landmark(s) – Mount Stoic, Endless Howl (Perpetual Storm)
Major Settlement(s) – Hekuli Uranium Mines

Glacial Quagmire

Terrain – Swamp
Features – Unusual Location (Beneath the Glaciers)
Landmark(s) – Iceweb Caverns
Major Settlement(s) – Tarnok Syndicate Work Camp

Burnfrost Wastes

Terrain – Wasteland
Features – Ruined
Landmark(s) – The Welt (Crater), Mount Akkor (Volcano)
Major Settlement(s) – Tarnok Syndicate Ciridium Mines


Iron Deposits

Scarcity – Major Source
Location(s) – Darnuun Steppe, though various deposits are scattered throughout the whole planet.
Controlled By – Imperial Mining Operations

Alusteel Alloys

Scarcity – Limited Source
Location(s) – Darnuun Steppes, Mount Kholis
Controlled By – Imperial Mining Operations

Uranium Deposit

Scarcity – Limited Source
Location(s) – Frostbite Expanse
Controlled By – Hekuli Prospects, Inc.

Ciridium Deposit

Scarcity – Minimal Source
Location(s) – Burnfrost Wastes, The Welt
Controlled By – The Tarnok Syndicate

Accelerated Bacta Compound

Scarcity – Sustainable Source
Location(s) – Glacial Quagmire
Controlled By – The Tarnok Syndicate

Notable Species


Characteristics – Megapredator, Behemoth
Habitat – Darnuun Steppes

Glacial Creeper

Characteristics – Hidden Death, Venomous Terror
Habitat – Glacial Quagmire